About the ADCIO API

The ADCIO API allows you to advertise or recommend on client-side, such as your website or mobile app: . To do so, you need to put the products data or configure the placements: . Collect logs to track performances of the ads or the user's behavior in order to make your advertisements or recommendations more precise: .

The Endpoints

The base URL for the ADCIO API is https://api.adcio.ai (opens in a new tab). Log collection takes advantage of a separated endpoint because it requires a huge amount of traffic. The base URL for the ADCIO log collection API is https://receiver.adcio.ai (opens in a new tab). We specified both the path and the base URL for the API in references so you don't need to struggle with finding which base URL you need to use.

Request and Response Format

The ADCIO API accepts and returns JSON-encoded requests and responses, and uses standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs.

Making a request

To test a request, use the curl command in your command line. Use the --request or -X flag followed by the HTTP method. Use the --url flag followed by the URL.

curl --request GET \
--url "https://api.adcio.ai/"
curl --request GET \
--url "https://receiver.adcio.ai/"